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Transport in Estonia is free

Prügi ja jäätmete sorteerimise lahendus

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Waste sorting is the easiest way to reduce your ecological footprint.

As the world changes and environmental awareness increases, there is a need to find alternatives to everyday materials to enhance sustainability.

One such material that benefits the environment is birch plywood. Birch plywood is made from birch wood, which is a renewable resource. Its production requires less energy compared to many other materials. Birch plywood is also known for its durability and light weight.

Birch plywood has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to plastic and metal. As a natural material, the production of birch plywood tends to sequester arbon rather than emit it. Birch plywood is also biodegradable, helping to reduce the amount of waste that needs sorting and ending up in landfills. Plastic and metal, on the other hand, are known to have a large carbon footprint as their production requires a substantial amount of energy, and they are not naturally biodegradable. For example, an 80L trash can made of birch plywood, weighing approximately 5kg, stores 5.8 kg of CO2, while a metal product releases 21.3 kg of CO2, and a plastic product releases 16.3 kg of CO2.

Birch Plywood Waste Sorting Stations for Stylish and Easy Recycling

Ideal Container for Sorting Biodegaradable Waste

Sort Everything in One Station

Making Recycling Easy, Even for Kids

The growing awareness of an eco-friendly lifestyle prompts us to think about how we can contribute to environmental conservation in our daily lives. One of the simplest ways to start is by sorting waste. But what should be the first step?

Sustainable Workplace

⦁ Identify areas in the office where waste is generated the most.
⦁ Install proper trash cans or sorting stations.
⦁ Conduct awareness campaigns in the office about sorting waste and recycling (where general waste goes, what the paper container is for, etc.).

Waste Sorting at Home

⦁ Identify the types of waste that need to be sorted (paper, cardboard, organic waste, mixed waste, etc.).
⦁ Designate specific locations at home for collecting different types of waste (e.g., a composter in the garden and an organic waste bin in the kitchen).
⦁ Make sorting a habit. Initially, sorting may seem a bit unfamiliar, but by practicing it daily, it becomes a habit. Involving younger family members can also make sorting an educational activity.

A Clean Environment Around Us

⦁ When in public places, use the containers provided. Most places already have separate bins for paper, packaging, and mixed waste.
⦁ Make use of public recycling points where you can drop off batteries, bottles, clothes, and other materials.

Waste sorting is a simple and effective step that contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or in a public space, we can collectively make waste sorting a habit and contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Sorting at the Office

Sorting at Home

Sorting in Public Spaces

Sorting in Educational Institutions

Sorting in Healthcare Facilities

Sorting in Daycare Centers

Nordic design is popular for its simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics. This style is a favorite among many world-renowned designers and brands, earning recognition at both the local and international levels. One significant accolade in this regard is the Red Dot Design Award, which has become a symbol of excellence in the world of design.

Nordic design is often associated with simplicity, clarity, and nature. It is known for its minimalist lines, neutral colors, and use of natural materials. The goal is to create items that are not only visually pleasing but also functional and durable.

Nordic design and the Red Dot Design Award together form a dynamic combination that enriches the design world with diversity and quality. The Red Dot Design Award highlights outstanding achievements and is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, showcasing excellence in various categories. The award recognizes creative and innovative solutions aimed at a better future. Winners include furniture and textile manufacturers, waste bins and containers, and many others.

Sorting waste with a sustainable and stylish Red Dot winner.

“If everyday life requires recycling, why not do it with style?”
Tallinn Design House has published an interview with our designer, Johannes Maltis, discussing waste sorting, the Red Dot Design Award, and future plans.

The full interview is available here: https://tallinndesignhouse.com/uudised/sortaider-sorteeri-stiilselt-2/

Environmental friendliness doesn’t always require major changes but often starts with simple everyday habits. One of the most important ways each of us can contribute to a cleaner environment is by correctly sorting different types of waste. In this post, we explore how to do this effectively.

Why is proper waste sorting important?

Correct sorting allows materials to be recycled, reducing the need for new resources. Each type of waste has a different environmental impact, and proper sorting helps minimize that impact.

Sorting Waste: What and Where?

Cardboard and Paper:

Items in this category include cardboard boxes, paper bags, packaging paper, and clean food cardboard and paper packaging.

Mixed Packaging:

Items in this category include beverage cartons, plastic packaging, and metal packaging.

Mixed Household Waste:

Items in this category include heavily soiled and difficult-to-clean packaging, large bones from food waste, supplements and vitamins, cosmetics, diapers, hygiene products, tampons, packaged wipes, cat litter, cooled ash, animal feces, CD discs, empty/broken ballpoint pens, paper clips, incandescent light bulbs, cigarette butts, used paper dishes, glass shards, broken dishes (cups, glasses, plates).

Organic Waste:

Items in this category include spoiled food, food waste, peels and cores of fruits and vegetables, nutshells, coffee grounds and filters, cut flowers, and potted plants without pots.

Tip: If possible, consider getting a composter for organic waste.

Depositable Items:

Items in this category include bottles and jars with a deposit mark.

Developing the habit of correctly sorting waste requires initial awareness, but it quickly becomes a natural part of everyday life. It’s essential to understand that every step we take is crucial for a greener tomorrow. By starting with simple tips and sorting correctly, we can all be part of the solution and contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.

Advantages of Sortaider:

  • Wide range of indoor sorting stations available, offering solutions for various needs.
  • Sortaider sorting stations blend seamlessly into any interior with a modern Nordic minimalist style.
  • Clearly understandable color-coded sorting instructions make waste sorting easy for everyone.
  • Systematic solution supporting habit formation.
  • Durable and easily maintainable products.
  • Damaged parts can be replaced without the need to purchase an entirely new sorting station.
  • Waste sorting saves both the environment and money, as managing unsorted waste is significantly more costly – Sortaider sorting stations are indispensable for efficient waste management.
  • Solutions made from renewable sources that do not harm the environment.
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, globally recognized for design and functionality.
  • Sortaider Sorter is customizable, offering the option to engrave the customer’s logo on the front panel.
  • The Sortaider team is highly knowledgeable and assists in finding suitable solutions for every need.

Customer Testimonials for Sortaider:

  • Sortaider sorting stations are highly essential. They have an aesthetic appearance, easily fit into any interior, and are user-friendly.
    Clear and understandable color-coded sorting instructions make waste sorting simple for everyone. A systematic solution that supports habit formation.
  • Sortaider products are durable and easily maintainable. If a product is damaged, it’s possible to replace the affected part without having to purchase an entirely new sorting station.
    Waste sorting not only benefits the environment but also saves money, as managing unsorted waste is significantly more expensive.
  • Sortaider sorting stations are indispensable for efficient waste management.
  • Since Sortaider products are environmentally friendly, solutions made from renewable sources are preferred, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • In addition to other benefits, personalizing Sorter is also enjoyable. You can add your company logo to the product.
    The Sortaider team is highly knowledgeable and helps find suitable solutions for every place.

Sorting solutions to

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Eesti Energia AS

Aare-Riho Erik, 10.12.2023

Olime oma Rohekontorisse otsimas lahendust, mis oleks funktsionaalne ja samas ka ilus silmale vaadata.

Meie teises kontoris on juba varasemast kasutuses Sortaideri kogumiskastid. Osaliselt oli põhjuseks järjepidevus. Aga kuna Sortaideri kogumiskastid on tõesti kena välimusega, siis otsustasime Sortaideri kasuks.
Sorteerime oma kontorites erinevaid jäätmeid. Nii bio-, segaolme- kui ka pakendijäätmete kogumiskastid on meil köökides mööblisse sisseehitatud. Seekord vajasime eraldi pandipakendi kogumiskaste. Need saime Sortaiderist kiiresti ja mugavalt tellitud ja ka tarne kulges kiiresti ja tõrgeteta!

Edu teile edaspidiseks!

Teemant Puhastus OÜ

Margus Johannes, 08.11.2023

Teenindus ja toode on super. Olime väga Rahul. Toote disain ja kleebised on piisavalt informatiivsed, et juhtida külastaja tähelepanu sorteerimisele.

Rõõmutarekese Lasteaed

Vivika Vahesalu, 17.03.2023

Oleme südamest tänulikud, et saime prooviperioodil katsetada Teie suurepärast toodet – jäätmejaama.
Toote suurepärased omadused laste, õpetajate ja juhtkonna vaatest:
•toode on kompaktne ja väga ilus (esteetiline) – ei häiri, ei torka liialt silma, sobitub kergelt ja on ilusa disainiga;
•kõikjal sarnane visuaal, mis toetab harjumuste teket – värv, piktogramm – süsteemne;
•tuli rühma provokatsioonina – töötas õppevahendina, sest lastel tekkis kohe küsimusi funktsiooni, tootja, olulisuse jne kohta – meie jaoks oluline, et tekiks küsimusi ja koos leitakse lahendused/vastused (probleemõpe);
•järjepidevus, harjumuste kujundamine pika perspektiiviga;
•lasteaiale piisab 3 või 4 konteinerist jaamas, kõik tänased valikud töötasid suurepäraselt – pakend (jäätisepaber, pestud jogutitops, loputatud piimakile, kileümbrised jne), papp ja paber – (tekib päris palju) ja prügi (segaolme). Pigem mõtisklesimegi selle üle, et lasteaedades on covidist tulenevalt enamasti ära kaotatud rätikute süsteem, kasutusel pabertaskurätikud – sobiks biojäätmete hulka;
•20l – sobiv suurus;
•meeldib, et jäätmejaam on mugav, mistõttu tekib lapsel tervikarusaam sorteerimisest – igale ajale õige koht, ei pea eraldi kusagile viima;
•meeldis, et kui avausest ei läinud papp või paber sisse, siis sai kaane üles tõsta, kus veel täiendav info.

Selline toode sobiks igasse rühma;)

Padise Lasteaed

Evelyn, õppealajuhataja, 10.04.2023

Mulle õpetajana meeldis väga sorteerimisjaama välimus: neutraalne värv ei hakanud niigi värvilises rühmaruumis domineerima. Vineer ja läbimõeldud kujundus tekitas tunde, et tegemist on tõelise disainiesemega.
Jaama suurus ja kompaktsus on väga head: mahub igale poole ja rattad tegid liigutamise mugavaks. Samuti on kõrguse puhul arvestatud laste pikkusega. Kastide suurus on täiesti piisav, et prügi sorteerimise tegevus hoida kogu aeg fookuses (lapsed käisid pidevalt piilumas, kas kast on juba täis saanud ja oleks vaja tühjendada).

Necks Electric AB (Sweden)

Fredrik Nilsson, Quality Manager, 25.04.2023

Im very pleased with your service and product.

Getting our logo on the product was just great and also your support in selecting what products to use.

The product meets all our expectations, and we are very happy with the look and feel.

Rõõmuterakese lasteaed

Vivika, õppealajuhataja, 03.04.2023

Meil olid tordipäeval kasutusel pappnõud, mistõttu oli vajadus väga suur sorteerimise järele. Enamasti oskasid inimesed sorteerida. Väga paljud käisid vaatamas ja küsimas, kust selline jäätmejaam tuli, kiideti disaini ja kompaktsust + jäätmejaama üldist põhimõtet, et kõik on võimalik kohe ära sorteerida. Sellisel suurüritusel, kus osales 300-400 inimest, on selline jäätmejaam asendamatu.
Üritusel viibinud mitmete lasteasutuste juhid kiitsid disaini ja kompaktsust.

Optimus Systems AS

Tiina Pärnmäe, büroojuht, 01.06.2023

Teenindus oli väga tore ja meeldiv 😊 Aitähh!
Meil oli vajadus kontorisse tekkivaid pappkaste paremini kokku koguda ja Sortraider oli selleks väga tore leid.
Kohe kindlasti oli välistatud „suur roheline prügikast” kontori nurgas 😊.

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    The Container W4 waste sorting station has been designed to be appealing and intuitive, motivating the user to separate waste while still being very uncomplicated to use.

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