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Sortaider Modules W50


180 price includes VAT

Warranty: 2 years

Delivery time: up to 14 days

waterproof 6 mm Baltic birch plywood, FSC certified


Sorting boxes: 50 L

Bags: 60 L

Dimensions (mm)

H 695 x W 350 x D 455


5.4 kg

Packaged plastic-free, in a box made from recycled cardboard

Package size


  • Can be turned into a recycling station
  • Functional compartment on the back
  • Rear castor wheels for easier movement
  • Coloured multilingual sorting instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble

Sortaider is a minimalistic and environmentally-friendly recycling box suitable for use in any interior.
All Sortaider modules can be connected to create a recycling station that meets your real needs. The recycling box has rear castor wheels for easier movement, and a functional drawer on the back to store trash bags.
To reduce the ecological footprint, the Sortaider modules are delivered disassembled, but assembly is easy as no tools or screws are required.


Teenindus oli väga tore ja meeldiv 😊 Aitähh!
Meil oli vajadus kontorisse tekkivaid pappkaste paremini kokku koguda ja Sortraider oli selleks väga tore leid. Kohe kindlasti oli välistatud „suur roheline prügikast" kontori nurgas 😊.
Tiina Pärnmäe
Optimus Systems AS
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    The Container W4 waste sorting station has been designed to be appealing and intuitive, motivating the user to separate waste while still being very uncomplicated to use.

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